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Create your own online experience with MyCybernet Tools! Say goodbye to time-wasting annoyances like pop-ups and spam. Keep in touch with the people important to you. Protect yourself and your computer with MyCybernet Tools!!

The Following links are provided by MyCybernet for your convenience and use.
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For more info about the software please visit the manaufactures website.

Dial-up Setup Wizard
Toronto GTA Access
A better, and more convenient way to configure your
Dial-up connection and email.
Canada Wide Access
USA & Canada Access
High Speed Setup Wizard
 for Win 95, 98, Me and Win 2000 
Enternet 300 PPPoE
for Linux, Unix 
Enternet 100
for Macintosh 
EnterNet 300 ver 1.11
Pop-up Stopper Pop-up Stopper
Fed up with pop-ups? The Free Pop-Up Blocker gets rid of virtually all pop-up ads.
Pop-up Blocker is provided by
License:Free trial download
Ad-Aware Free Ad-Aware Free

The world's most popular anti-spyware!

Real-time protection against spyware, trojans, rootkits, hijackers, keyloggers

and more!

License: Free!

Firewall ZoneAlarm

A Zone Alarm firewall stands between your computer and the outside world. Like the lock on your front door, it keeps strangers from coming in and getting access to your possessions.
Firewall Software is provided by
License: Basic version Free

Parental Control Cyberpatrol

CyberPatrol’s world leading parental control software helps you choose when and how your kids use the Internet – even when you can’t be there!
Parental Control software provided by
License: Free to try, $39 to buy

FTP Program
for Windows 
Filezilla Windows Installer
filezilla logoLicense: Free!
for Apple 

Filezilla for G4


Filezilla for Intel

for Linux
Filezilla Tarball



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