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$49.95 per year*


Automatic renewal each year - Never lose your domain name!


Some Internet companies offer cheap domain name registration, but is your domain name safe? What if your renewal falls through the cracks? What if your domain name expires, and someone else registers it? What will you do?


Think about how much it would cost you in time, money, and lost business if you were to lose your website and all your email addresses.


We are the domain name registration and security experts. We are your Domain Name Sentry. If you register your domain through us we will guarantee to renew it every year until you tell us to stop. Protecting your valuable domain name is our number one priority, because it's our business. And we guarantee it. You tell us what your domain name is worth to you, and if it is ever lost while under our care, we'll pay you it's value. That's how sure we are of our service.

*Assumes registration of a new domain name. If you are transferring your domain the price is $99.95 for the first year, $49.95 per year thereafter.


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